Started My Travel Blog

My Story is very simple, and you will feel connected. Recently I have Started My Travel Blog. It didn’t happen in a day, and it almost cost me my career. After spending a decade or two, here I am writing a travel blog for my website. There is a widespread belief in India that if a person cannot do anything in life, he becomes a writer.

My story is more or less the same, but I prefer saying it the other way. I was destined to become a writer, so I was unsuccessful in other ventures.

Why I Started My Travel Blog?

Well! Its because in my career I had to travel around many places. I keep changing cities for better job opportunities, I keep moving from one town to another and one day, I realized, I become a traveller, just like that. Not a fancy one, travelling to exotic locations, staying in comfortable hotels but someone who travels for work or to escape from a place in search for tranquillity, calmness or just to meet new people, without any reason. So my travel blog is “normal” may be boring, but it is always related to the situation.

My Story – Before Travel Blog

Hi! My name is Ankit, and this is not a success story. People often write success stories, but on the contrary, I prefer to write while I am still struggling. I am an ordinary Traveler/Blogger. My story is related to almost every other person who wanted to become a Traveler or Blogger but never really has that liberty in life.

My story is as simple as the life of a typical office going person working 9 to 6 in a cubicle. I can relate to that person because I was there, inside that cubicle, occasionally peeking out, to see something interesting.

However, why I will ever see anything unusual in a place where people are paid to stay monotonous? Its called routine, and believe or not, a daily routine is the most critical aspect of your work life, more important than your salary. You can afford to lose your salary for a while but skipping a routine, its a crime.

See, got carried away! It happens.

I have to stick to the topic, Why I have Started My travel Blog. You will understand why I wrote this sentence. Now, I was trying to peak out of my cubicle to find something unusual. It never happened, and day after day, I was forced to believe that there is nothing strange outside. People are just like me, and of those, we read stories are not from this world. They must be from some other planets. Also I keep asking, why they never care about money or paying their bills? They go wherever they want as if they have some magic wand or wicked potion. In my leisure, I often looked at there pictures and feel so enchanted.

Magic is real, I believed in it and why not. I am a storyteller, I can believe in anything.

For some strange reasons, I started believing in Harry Potter and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry again. Yes, once I was a child, and I believed in magic and then I grew up. Well, while viewing those pictures, of mountains, beaches, lakes or landscape, the only thing that comes to my mind was, it will be a damn good wallpaper for my beloved desktop. Don’t pity me like every other person around me was thinking the same. The only difference was I have beautiful beaches, my other cubicle friend got mountains, that’s it.

Again went off the track.

So, yes I was talking about the office, cubicles, routines, etc. and you must be bored to death till now. Anyways, I start believing in magic, and I was desperate to find my magic. I skipped boring stuff happened in between all those years of a desk job. Now, after several desperate office hours, I finally found something that was not magic, but it certainly felt magical. It was my resignation.

As said earlier, Its, not any extraordinary story so relax. I still have to pay my bills, and there is an ancient saying, “Out of the frying pan and into the fire”.
Now, I was again into the fire. Started studying to complete my course, for which I had enrolled, long time back. I failed miserably in that too, as I was clueless about everything. It was just that, I have started that course, and so it will be my only way towards salvation, in Hindi we call it “Moksha.”
In India, we have this emotional connection with our higher studies, that too a lucrative job oriented study. Sometimes, this peer pressure is so high that it feels your whole society is giving that exam with you. It hardly matters whether you like it or not. You must be thinking of something similar, yes! Arrange marriages.

Sob Story Continues

After several years again burning in hellfire, I was sure that as an Indian the only dream I can see is of getting a beautiful job with a good looking salary and a wife to live the remaining days on earth.

In India, marriages are holy affairs were two people who first met in heaven, and again meet when they are married. It’s true if you believe in Facebook and Instagram posts. They are made for each other. Well, its none of our business, we are discussing travel blog so let’s stick to that.

Uncertain Times, Some More Struggle

Started My Travel Blog

For me, my Harry Potter and Hogwarts days were over now, and believing in those magical things started giving me nightmares. I was, actually still living in my cubicle, trying to peak out to see something cool. Its been a while now and I had to see something fresh, something unexpected, my desperation was at the next level. It was the time when everything seems so confusing, failing in my exams, was another setback. I was broke by now.
Forget to tell you about my girlfriend. Let’s leave it that way, maybe some other time

Well, life was a mess now, and with no hope of any revival, I finally started looking for other options, jobs, or maybe some business. I need to settle down in life.

And Something Kicked Finally

Then I asked myself, a genuine question, what is settling down? Same old answers, a well-paid job, wife, children, and comfortable life. Then there was a time when I opened my laptop and started writing, just like that, random stuff, sometimes which never make sense. Still, I keep writing and finally, after writing so many things, I knew that, this is something I always wanted to do. I always wanted to be a traveler, but only in my head likewise, I always wanted to write, but that too only in my head. When I wrote my first blog, It didn’t give me any money or recognition, but there was some solace. Still, something was missing, what was that?

Time For Some Answers

This question answered itself when I revived a domain which I have purchased, long time back, inside that cubicle. That was an investment I made for my ticket to Hogwarts. I never really got admission there, but it feels good. and who knows someday, this investment can put me to someones wallpaper. This was the time I finally Started My Travel Blog.

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Albus Dumbledore

Life is still testing me, continuously, and I am more adamant than before. I may not be an expert or I may not have a certain degree, but one thing is for sure, I can write, and I can write in any given situation. As I said

I know one thing, life will always test you, it will never be a bed of roses, and this world is not as savage as we think, but it will always give you a path. Sometime, there will be fog, and your road will look hazy but believe me, keep walking and someday, the mist will clear, and bright sunlight will welcome you.


Hope this gives you enough motivation to start your own Travel Blog or whatever blog you want.

Some advice, always post your original content. Never copy anything from anywhere. Still using original materials encourage you to gather more information, and you will always be inquisitive.

Always remember

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

I wish you a Happy Life, and always believe in magic, its not real but it will give you some hope, and it will never let you to surrender, as I have started my travel blog, just like that, you may find something unexpected, and that will further drive you towards a better experience. A life that you always want to live.

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